iPhone4 – “This changes everything. Again”

Apple has released its iPhone4 with enhanced capabilities. The biggest improvement in this version would be the multi-tasking capabilities of iPhone4 and two cameras. Someone said multi-tasking is a myth but Apple is out to prove it wrong. Multi tasking, which has long been missing, is now a reality. Isn’t that wonderful? Or is it?

If you are expecting a technology post then read no further.

Now that we have set our expectations I want to discuss the iPhone4 slogan. This changes everything. Again. That piqued my interest. If Apple had stopped with “This changes everything” then I wouldn’t have paid much attention. I would have discounted as yet another marketing ploy. But the word after the sentence, the word again, has caught my attention. To me that’s a big problem. Though it is a marketing ploy, changing something all over again and that too at someone else’s expense is rude if not criminal.

What technology companies are doing is releasing a sub-standard product, making money out of it, then using the money to produce another sub-standard product and so on goes the vicious cycle. Apple has taken money out of its sales from iPhone 3 and used it on iPhone 4. Core Apple fans might be disappointed to hear the use of the word sub-standard. But what else can you say about the previous iPhone versions not having multi-tasking capabilities? What else can you say about having a camera at the back of the phone which makes it difficult to look and get looked at in video chatting? Aren’t those basic factors to be built in?

Apple might be the only company that can fix bugs in earlier versions and sell them as enhancements. Of course Apple will not have the same problems of not meeting the requirements like the regular IT companies as there is no one giving requirements to them. And that is a very nice place to be.

Organizing applications in folders is the latest feature in OS4. Bravo. Isn’t that the most primitive feature for any application which is running an operating system? Isn’t that as old as cut, copy, paste? I still cannot forward a text message from an iPhone. For that I have tp wait for OS5 I guess, that of course if iPhone4 makes enough money to fix the bug.