OMG, 3 Terabyte external drive for $250 from Seagate!

The floppy disk is long dead now but the need for external storage is only growing. I can still remember the floppy disks and the cases that came with it, that is for a 1.4 MB capacity. The tech industry and especially the storage industry has grown off the charts. Memory is cheap and while the storage capacity is going up the cost goes down. A 160 GB  LaCie external hard drive costed me $110 in 2004. For $250 I can now get a 3 Terabyte external drive from Seagate. Can’t do the math right now but the storage capacity has gone bonkers.

A 3 terabyte external drive is massive capacity and it is more than what anybody would ever need. Well maybe not. The rise of HD movies has led to this drive from Seagate. This new drive, FreeAgent GoFlex, can hold 120 HD movies, 1500 video games and countless hours of digital music. A few years down the line maybe this won’t be enough.

Cloud computing may be on the rise and every other thing is accessible on the cloud but there is still a market for private storage as this 3 TB Seagate drive proved. It is interesting to see how Seagate’s competitors will react to this drive.

If bandwidth is not a problem, and if everything is accessible from the cloud, would it be wiser to invest in high storage capacity drives for personal use? (via GigaOm).