Bouncity challenges mobile Indonesians to be more active

Following Koprol’s tracks, Indonesia’s up and coming application development house PhaseDev launches its location-based social gaming platform Bouncity in Jakarta earlier today at @america, Pacific Place.

While most Indonesians are more familiar with Foursquare and will associate this new game with the New York startup, it is actually much closer in concept and practice with SCVNGR. You can probably say it’s the Indonesian SCVNGR given its similarities.

For those unfamiliar with the US-based game, it lets players to do more than just check in to earn rewards. Both Bouncity and SCVNGR encourage their players to perform a number of activities when they are at certain locations after which they will earn various kinds of rewards.

These activities can be something as simple as taking a photo, or answering trivia questions set by the partners of the game and each challenge can earn players points and badges. The more points the players receive, the closer they are to getting a more valuable reward.

Challenges and rewards are set not by Bouncity but by the partners. While Bouncity provides the badges, partners decide what kinds of activities or challenges they want visitors and players to perform. For brands, this provides a much easier way to track customer interaction and attachment and identify loyal customers from the casual ones.

For its launch, Bouncity has partnered with a range of companies, such as XL Axiata, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Sour Sally, Celebrity Fitness, Apple Premium Resellers iBox, eStore, and Infinite, and many more.

Bouncity claims it can provide 15 minute interaction with each set of activities provided the partner can come up with the right questions and challenges. Some of the rewards may end up being free food, discounts on items, exclusive deals, and so on, so in a way Bouncity is aiming for a similar objective as discount sites but coming from a completely different angle with a vastly different approach.

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