Chinese teen offers virginity in exchange for iPhone 4

A teenage Chinese girl has reportedly offered her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4 according to a report from The Korea Herald.

The girl, who is not named in the article, took to Sina Weibo (the Chinese Twitter equivalent) to first lament that her father would not buy her the device before she later posted “a picture of herself along with other basic personal information saying she is willing to “sell” her virginity to anyone that buys her a iPhone 4”.

From the Herald article:

Her post has received negative feedback, pointing out that a phone is not worth what she giving in exchange. Others think that someone is using her account and pulling a malicious prank on the girl.

This story comes weeks after a 17-year-old Chinese boy sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad 2. Both sad tales demonstrate just how popular Apple, and its gadgets, are in China, so much so that the country is now the second biggest market on Apple’s app store.

Unlike the kidney-iPad news earlier in June – which proved to be genuine – it remains unclear whether the Weibo account and messages from the girl have been posted as a hoax.

Stories of voluntary organ donation and the selling of virginity are not uncommon in China, or other parts of the world, however these actions – in the pursuit of luxury items rather than more typical motivation such as debt repayment or paying college fees – will raise eyebrows in demonstrating the lengths that some in Asia, and China in particular, will go to for the latest must-have technology items.

As with the kidney-ipad 2 story, jokes have begun surfacing on Twitter suggesting she should hold out until the upcoming iPhone 5 is released.