Friendster relaunched as gaming platform

Friendster has now officially rebranded the social networking site as an online gaming platform, walking away from the stiff competition of social networking sites. They didn’t stand a chance, really.

The pre-historic social network Friendster has been totally forgotten for the past years with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. After they experienced some serious trouble since 2006, Friendster still attempted several efforts to survive but none of those strategies could make Friendster cool again.

Today, they plan to change that. Friendster was sold to Malaysia-based MOL Global (Money Online), which is an online payment platform and commerce network. And some executives at MOL Global already gave a slight clue on where they’re taking Friendster, and it’s going to be about gaming. Friendster was already starting to enable users to use apps from third party developers, most of them were online games and apparently it’s the first stage of transforming Friendster from a social networking platform into a full-circle gaming platform integrated with MOL’s payment platform.

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