Mindtalk goes live, ready to fill social networking gap

A new website called mindtalk went live a few days ago and is being talked about a lot lately in Twitter. Basically mindtalk as a new kind of social networking site. People like me are getting tired of social networks launched in Indonesia, because they offer nothing different than Facebook or Twitter. But it looks like mindtalk might be different.

The moment you register on mindtalk, you will immediately see the difference. Despite being still in beta version, it looks like Mindtalk’s concept will be quite confusing for new users. User interface-wise, they still need to work on many things because on some parts it’s still not user friendly.

The difference between mindtalk and other social network website is the channel concept where you can create groups atau channel based on hashtags. And you can be the owner of these channels and can be ousted by other user if the you are no longer active in the channel.

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