6 Must-Have Accessories for the Fashionable Geek

A common misconception is that geeks are inherently unfashionable (think Big Bang Theory). Well, let’s just set the record straight. Just because you’re into tech and the digital space, it doesn’t mean you need to spend your weekends dressed in Star Trek gear. Geek-dom can still be cool and it looks like geek is in and “I’m too cool for school” is out. Bottom line — being geeky is the way of the future.

Sitting behind a laptop all day doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Relish in geek-pride and check out some of these awesome geeky items that you can be sure the latest It Girl will be adding to her collection soon. Maybe not everything on the list… but even if they are slightly more geeky than chic, you have to admit they’re super cool.

Custom Twitter Nikes

Ladies, I wouldn’t suggest you rush out and buy these but if your man is into tech, they could make a conversation piece at your next braai. Guys, if you’re looking to pick up a geek girl, rocking a pair of these might just boost your chances. Maybe sketch in your Twitter handle to enter super geek-mode.

Code of love T-shirt

This will soar over the heads of the average Joe who doesn’t know what CSS or HTML is, but for those in the know, you can’t help but crack a little smile…

Custom Twitter necklaces

Having a necklace with your name or initial on it is so last season. Get with it and get one with your Twitter handle. Maybe just caution where you wear it as you might get some dodgy new followers (or stalkers) if you’re not careful.

Star Trek cufflinks

Ok this one is super geeky and I would shun a guy a little if I saw him wearing this (for real) but if you work in a digital agency or tech environment and rock up to a meeting wearing these, besides standing out and getting yourself noticed, it’s a great ice breaker. Word of warning: just stick to English, not Klingon.

Password protected underwear

I think every father out there wishes this was a real product and that he could control the login details.

Broken image pendant

Anyone in our game knows the sign. It’s just as bad as “404 webpage not found” and makes you want to smash your computer against a wall. So it’s pretty funny, and ironic, to create a jewellery piece out of a “broken” image. Let others share in your frustration.

Megan Bernstein, Memeburn / Source / Feature image credit: Shutterstock