Coca Cola Launches Ambitious Social Media Campaign in Thailand

Coca Cola recently launched a campaign to collect one million reasons why Thai people believe in a brighter future of their own country. These reasons will be compiled in a book called One Million Reasons, Believe in Thailand and distributed to public libraries in all 77 provinces of Thailand.


The campaign allows social media users to send their message through different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You can give your reasons in text format through their website or send a YouTube video. You can even tweet or send a photo on Instagrm using hashtag #COKE1m. The campaign ends June 30, 2012.

1 Million Reasons … Ambitious?

As of writing, Coca Cola has collected 86,699 reasons — 913,301 reasons to go.

According to Social Bakers statistics, there are around 17.5 million Internet users in Thailand, of which 14.2 million are on Facebook, 81.3% penetration of the online population.

Coca Cola is aiming for 1 in every 17 online persons in Thailand to write his or her reason on one of the social media platform. That’s a very ambitious campaign and perhaps ahead of its time.

On Instagram, I have counted only 21 photos uploaded with the hashtag #coke1m. Even though Instagram is very popular in Thailand, maybe the platform is not mature enough yet. Or, maybe it’s the wrong target group.

Nevertheless, the campaign is not over and maybe a little push through offline marketing or TV ads, together with digital marketing, can make this campaign successful.