Dropmysite Buys Orbitfiles, Pumps Up User Count to 0.9M

Website backup provider Dropmysite (who also owns Dropmyemail) recently finalised its acquisition of cloud backup and sharing site Orbitfiles.com. The 1 million user base is now within reach for Dropmysite, a Singapore-based startup that made waves in the expo rounds this year. Their existing 676,000 users plus Orbitfiles’ 235,000 North-America-based subscribers put the total body count to 911,000.

Dropmysite takes over Orbitfiles, boosting its user base to almost 1 million.

Dropmysite takes over Orbitfiles, boosting its user base to almost 1 million. (Image: Dropmysite)

US-based Orbitfiles has been backing up and sharing files for its users since 2006. The acquisition cost was not disclosed, but the transition was swift: Orbitfiles.com now redirects to Dropmysite.com. Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Head of Product Development at Dropmysite sees great things coming out of the purchase.

This acquisition will allow us to leapfrog forward in our product roadmap. This move to add more users to the service will also allow the development team to survey experienced backup users to hone existing backup products and to perfect future ones that are in the pipeline. Our current growth is based mostly on first time backup users. With OrbitFiles’ established domain and huge user database, we will gain credibility and seasoned backup users. The feedback on user experience and user interface that we will gain will be invaluable as we proceed to build our next products.

Dropmysite will now have a better launchpad to jump into the North American market with its Orbitfiles subscriber base. Dropmyfiles’ chunk of users come from India and Indonesia. Orbitfiles was reportedly eyed by Google for possible acquisition and got good reviews from Gizmodo, Lifehacker.com and Downloadsquad.com.