Evernote Expects Bigger APAC Participation With Trunk Conference, Ambassador Program

The upcoming Evernote Trunk Conference will bring together the community of Evernote’s users, developers, enthusiasts, ambassadors and development partners. The second instance of this annual event will be held in San Francisco, with tech talks, sessions and workshops are starting August 24.

Attendees will see this as an opportunity to exchange ideas, expand their knowledge and build their networks with users, developers and employees. For this year, the conference is going to have separate tracks dedicated to developers and users.  Troy Malone, General Manager for Asia Pacific, says “We expect many more countries in Asia to participate this year because we promoted this in Asia this year.”

Lots of other events planned besides the conference range from activities with specific theme, city walking tours to boot camps. The winners of the annual developer competition Devcup will be formally awarded at this one-day conference.

Prizes amounting to US$ 5,000 up to US$ 20,000 will be awarded to designers and programmers that build the best app that can integrate with Evernote through its API, utilize features within its service and using the platform. Additionally Evernote has designed a special category intended only for developers in Japan.

Last year, the event brought 821 attendees with 24% coming from Asia Pacific countries, coming only third after the U.S. with 31% and 25% from Europe. The top three APAC countries that participated in 2011 were Japan (11%), India (6%) and China (3%). Malone added there were no entries from Koreans last year, but they will make it this year.

Taking a look at these statistics of Evernote meetups from 639 communities in 620 cities worldwide, Tokyo and Taipei are within the top ten Evernoters, with 92 and 72 Evernoters respectively.

Earlier this month, three Korean ambassadors in business, organization, education and public speaking sectors have been introduced. The Rockstars are selected among passionate experts in the areas of parenting to teaching who utilize the service in their daily lives. They act as community arms to guide, share and help the users maximize the use of Evernote in their work. There will be more to come, says Malone. “Our goal is to launch many more country ambassadors in Asia this year.”