First Looks: Alcatel One Touch 918N Glory X Entry-Level Android Smartphone

After letting us review the entry-level Alcatel One Touch 918N Glory Android smartphone, Alcatel has sent us the Glory’s fraternal twin, the Alcatel Glory X. This smartphone is yet another entry-level handset meant for first-time Android users, although the focus is perhaps the younger crowd, particularly with the ability to exchange color covers.

(Photo copyright: J. Angelo Racoma / Tech Wire Asia)

Specs-wise, the Alcatel Glory X is similar to the Alcatel Glory, with a 3.2-inch 420×320 touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera and 650 MHz processor. The only difference is the exterior and a slightly-updated Android OS. At first glance, the two smartphones might look alike from a distance, but once you look closer, the differences are quite obvious. The Glory X shifts away from the rubberized, rugged finish of the Glory, and uses a matte-finish plastic surface at the back and a glossy black plastic bezel at front.

The smartphone’s rear cover and outer edge can each be replaced with a different color cover, which lets users match their smartphone, say, with their wardrobe or other accessories. Changing of the cover can be done in seconds.

In terms of look and feel, though, I think the original 918N Glory looks more sophisticated and classy, and is likewise thinner than its more fashionable twin. I personally prefer the 918N Glory to the Glory X, if only for the look and texturized finish. But folks looking for customizability — at least in looks — might prefer this one.

You can refer to my full review of the Alcatel One Touch 918N Glory for more details. Do note, though, that the review phone that Alcatel sent us had Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 installed, which may be more difficult to root than the 2.3.5 installed on the Glory. The Alcatel One Touch 918N Glory X retails for PhP 5,999 (US$ 142.83) or about PhP 200 (US$ 7.14) higher than the Glory.