Get Up to 2GB Free Backup Space On Dropmyemail

With 1 out of every 5 email account getting hacked and 540 million email accounts getting hacked/stolen/compromised every year, it’s a wise move to start backing up your accounts while you can. As I said last 13 June, Dropmyemail is a notable startup, and I’m not alone in recognizing this company’s huge potential in the cloud age.

Dropmyemail rewards users with additional memory allocation up to 2GB for referring friends, connecting with Facebook and Twitter, liking on Facebook and giving a +1 on Google Plus.

Dropmyemail rewards users with additional memory allocation up to 2GB for referring friends, connecting with Facebook and Twitter, liking on Facebook or giving a +1 on Google Plus. (Image: Dropmyemail)

Dropmyemail scored a top 10 slot in the recently concluded Echelon 2012 Singapore Startup Marketplace, and organizer e27 calls it the fastest growing startup in Asia. The cloud email backup and migration solution already caters to 635,000 users — with 8,000 users signing up ever day, but that’s not quite enough. The company is launching a viral bonus plan that aims to boost body count. CEO John Fearon believes the company’s growth will be on scale with Twitter and Dropbox.

We are on track to hit one million users and growing faster than Dropbox,, Pinterest and Twitter at a similar stage. There are an estimated 4.3 billion emails in the world today. Our aim is to back-up the internet, so we have lots of work to do.

Users can sign up and instantly get 128MB of backup space free. They can then specify which email account they want to back up and provide their password to said account. Users can backup as many email accounts as they have. If they run out of storage space, users can link up Dropmyemail to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, share the news to their friends, or invite their friends to sign up. They can get as much as 2GB of space if they fulfill all “upgrade tasks”.

For users who find 2GB wanting, they can fork out US$9.99 annually for 5GB, $19.99 yearly for 10GB, $39.99 for annually 25GB, or $69.99 yearly for 50GB. Why would anyone need that much storage for emails alone? I signed up my Google and Yahoomail accounts for free backup, and while my Gmail used up 179MB, Yahoo is currently at 476MB and I’m not even halfway through the backup process. I diligently delete spam and clear my trash, but I still have a ton of emails going back to 2001. I wasn’t as diligent in cleaning my inbox back then, so there’s a lot of stuff in there. I’m sure there are people out there with email hoarding issues that require a 25GB backup bin.

But why bother? Who wants your old emails anyway? Hackers love stealing legitimate email accounts so they can send spam containing spyware and viruses to your contacts and to people all over the globe. That’s why you should check your spam folder for emails that came from your account containing links or “I’m stuck in Scotland, please send me money” stories — emails you did not send yourself. Unless you’re a spammer yourself, you should change your password right away, before you get locked out of your account.Dropmyemail Rationale: Hackers love stealing email accounts to propagate their practices.

Dropmyemail will be coming out with additional features to their storage and backup service, so we’ll keep an eye on them for you.