Samsung Galaxy S III Launched in the Philippines via Globe, Smart

Samsung has launched its “most human phone yet” with its latest quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE connectivity a month ago. In the Philippines, Samsung has launched its latest flagship Android smartphone last week, which it is bundling with unlimited data plans and low monthly payments through major carriers Globe Telecom and Smart Communications.

(Photo copyright Abe Olandres)

Globe is offering the Samsung Galaxy S III bundled with its PhP 999 (US$ 23.78) monthly plan plus an additional PhP 700 (US$ 16.67) monthly. For a total monthly payment of PhP 1,699 (US$ 40.45), mobile users get unlimited data and an additional freebie — which can be chosen from among free calls, free SMS, or free international calls.

Heavier users can also subscribe to the PhP 1,799 (US$ 42.83) monthly plan plus an additional PhP 200 (US$ 4.76 monthly). For a total monthly plan of PhP 1,999 (US$ 47.59), users get unlimited data and PhP 800 worth of consumables, which can be used for calls, SMS and other services. This plan also comes with three freebies, which can be renewed and changed on a monthly basis. Plans come with a two-year contract.

Meanwhile, Smart is likewise offering the Galaxy S III for free on its Unli Data Plan 2000. The PhP 2,000 (US$ 47.62) monthly plan comes with unlimited mobile Internet, 200 SMS and 150 free minutes. The plan comes with a 30-month lock-in period.

Our resident gadget reviewer Abe Olandres earlier previewed the Samsung Galaxy S 3, which he found to be a worthy upgrade to the Galaxy S 2. The S Voice feature was found to be a good alterantive to Apple’s Siri, which understands natural voice language. Our initial tests likewise exhibited record-breaking benchmark results.

Meanwhile, mobile Internet access is on the rise in emerging markets, and carriers are banking on the popularity of mobile broadband as a preferred means of connecting to the Internet over fixed connections.