Singapore has a strong background in data center capacity, which is set to rise. Source: Unsplash

Singapore’s stock exchange (SGX) launches new initiative to attract tech startups

WORKING in partnership with Exploit Technologies (ETPL), from Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A-STAR), The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is looking to find promising tech companies with growth potential that are looking to attract investment from private and public capital markets.

In particular, the initiative will target start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including the medtech, biotech, cleantech and consumer tech industries, as well as A*Star spin-off companies and licensees.

The scheme will enable the selected companies to access A-Star’s research and development capabilities, including biomedical and physical sciences, technology, and engineering.

The deal is a two-year agreement between SGX and ETPL. Both will form a collaborative panel to select tech companies keen to expand in Asia and to partner with. The companies’ business models, market size and scalability will also be taken into consideration.

The initiative will run forums and workshops with market professionals, auditors, solicitors and Catalist sponsors available for help.

Vikram Mengi, chief executive of software start-up Latize, told The Strait Times that: “Capital markets can be opaque and hard to navigate for start-up founders, and this lack of clarity can serve to break crucial business momentum.

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He added: “SGX engaging with tech start-ups and SMEs could prove to be an inspired move, particularly around educating founders on how they can best access funding.”

In May, SGX entered a similar collaboration with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to make it easier for high-tech start-ups to launch initial public offerings (IPOs). For that particular scheme a pool of appointed sponsors, auditors and solicitors will engage start-ups accredited by the Accreditation@IMDA programme earlier on in the process of an IPO and for a lower fee. Currently, there are 17 start-ups in the programme.