Teleinfo Media moves its professional contact center services to the cloud-based Tikal Call Center

Bangkok-based Teleinfo Media moves its professional contact center services to the cloud-based Tikal Call Center – enabling customer service while staff work from home Source: AFP)

Teleinfo Media moves call centers to cloud in Thailand

  • Teleinfo Media moves its professional contact center services to the cloud-based Tikal Call Center
  • Major shift to embracing cloud signals Teleinfo’s drive to maintain quality customer care experiences, even as majority of its staff work from home
  • The Tikal Call Center system can be fully and securely accessed from any web-enabled browser

Customer service has always been a vital cog in the business, and for companies with sprawling operations and multichannel offerings, it can sometimes take a small army to respond to consumers’ needs effectively.

While many large operations can turn to newer innovations like AI-driven chatbots to handle some standardized queries, many customers still like to have the reassurance of corresponding with a human to know their demands are being taken seriously – especially when a crisis on the level of the coronavirus pandemic severs a lot of traditional, dependable customer contact channels.

Maintaining lines of communications with the customer base is vital for industries looking to come out as winners at a time of crisis, where consumers cannot even go to a store without protective measures. It costs five times as much for a business to attract a new customer versus retaining an existing one, so assuaging concerns that the business is still stable and operational is core at this point.

The contact center is one arena of customer service that has been drastically affected by COVID-19 measures, and one contact service provider in Thailand is taking forward-looking steps to ensure their survival, in what could be an example of what future call ‘centers’ will look like.

Teleinfo Media is a leading provider of professional contact center services for businesses in Thailand that has been working closely with business communications technology developer Tikal Center to transition Teleinfo’s outsourced call center operations to the cloud.

The move will allow for Teleinfo’s clients to continue servicing their customers while its call center agents work from remote locations, as Thailand is still under social distancing restrictions.

Teleinfo had been working with the cloud-based Tikal Call Center over the past two years, when the professional contact center operator made the strategic decision to embrace the cloud as a long-term solution for its business.

The social restrictions and move towards adopting a remote working culture helped accelerate the migration to the cloud. Prior to this, existing customers from Teleinfo’s legacy frameworks were being moved to the Tikal Call Center cloud solution, but now newly-acquired customers are being onboarded at the Tikal Call Center.

This will no doubt be a beneficial relief for Teleinfo Media’s business operations, and a boost of confidence for its clients who can continue responding to customers with minimum interruption – something that has become a necessity to restore customer confidence in brands amidst the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left many questioning how business continuity is faring.

“Today, the service operations enabled by a call center can be considered critical infrastructure for maintaining business continuity during the current work-from-home scenarios and for future social distancing requirements,” said Doron Dovrat, Tikal Center’s chief executive officer. “Teleinfo Media and its cloud-based strategy are clearly the future of call center operations and services.”

Most of Teleinfo’s contact center staff are still working from home, in compliance with social distancing measures imposed by the Thai government. Tikal Call Center’s web-based architecture allows for the employees to securely access their system functionalities from any web browser, including such functions as reporting, call monitoring, and recording which supervisors and managers would need access to in real-time.

Contact center agents that are working from home are assigned remote access, and can connect to the cloud-hosted Tikal Call Center via secure VPN connection. The Tikal Call Center ‘softphone’ calling solution is installed on agents’ laptops and other remote working devices, so they can continue receiving inbound calls and making outbound calls from any location, without loss of quality as long as there is a reliable internet connection.

Teleinfo agents can also transfer both internal and external calls to their mobile devices to continue calls, as the Tikal Call Center has also been configured to enable call transfers over any available network connection.

“Our cloud strategy has established a solid foundation for improving the call center services we provide to both our large enterprise and small business customers,” commented Kamolkarn Niltasuwan, the managing director of Teleinfo Media. “Tikal is a key partner in the success of delivering our services from the cloud and strengthen our leadership position in the market for outsourced call center services, even in the current situation of the Covid-19 crisis.”