Japan telecom NTT enters Cambodia market

Kyodo News reported today Japan’s largest telecommunication company entered Cambodia by opening its office in Phnom Penh last week despite strong competition in the market.

NTT Communications Corp. (NTT Com), a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation, specializes in IT solutions and consulting services for corporate customers.

Until recently, nearly half of Cambodia’s population had access to mobile phones thanks in part of to investments in telecommunication infrastructure in the past years. In a recent news article in a local newspaper, Alcatel-Lucent director Jiangho Li was quoted as saying that “there’s 40,000 to 50,000 fixed lines compared to around 5 million mobile users in Cambodia.” But Kyodo News says that the Southeast Asian nation “had 6.3 million mobile phone users at the end of 2009” with nine mobile network service providers. With the rest of the popluation, about 14 million people, the mobile market remains an open battle for domestic and international firms.

Hajime Miyazaki, NTT country manager for Cambodia says “the company has a five-year plan and investments will be decided upon the market situation at each milestone in the plan.”