Another location-based social network from Yogyakarta

DailySocial readers must know the local location based social services such as Yahoo! Koprol, Urbanesia, and Personaflag, for Yogya, beside Personaflag there is another location based social service called

This one social media is quite interesting, has a slight difference from the others and a little bit unique. The first approach is mark a favorite location and then user can add photos, give score and comment to the place they’ve visited before, able to find places, location and new relations.

It’s quiet interesting from UI and UX side and also user friendly. The users have been given the privilege to add important places or their own favorite location on the map. It’s easy to add places and the funny icons display in each category made me comfortable in using Even though it’s still in beta version, is such an addictive social service.

For users the registration process is very simple, you don’t need to fill in a registration form, simply login with your Facebook account. It’s also easy to add favorite places or important places with photos include in it, captions and comments on the site is very easy in After the above process, users can also share their activities to Facebook and Twitter.

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