Bouncity reaches 16 thousand users, 500,000 activities completed

Brand new location-based social game Bouncity is about to enter its first month of operation following its limited launch on June 8 with a BlackBerry application. Why BlackBerry? It’s the most prominent smartphone in Indonesia and its owners are among the most active users of social media.

In less than 30 days, Bouncity has apparently gained 16 thousand users with more than 500,000 activities completed according to founder and CEO Wenas Agusetiawan. That’s just over 31 activities per registered user. When averaged over the past month, it’s slightly more than one activity per person per day. It also has amassed 75 thousand venues in its database

If projected, that growth would put Bouncity at 96 thousand users by the end of the year. However, the company is working on making Bouncity available on iPhone and Android by the end of July, though word has it that the iPhone app will be released sooner. With availability in additional platforms, it’s reasonable to expect bigger growth compared to the current adoption rate.

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