The big 5 for Project Eden

Last Saturday, Project Eden held a pitching for the 20 participants who signed up to get funding and incubation, the event is in conjunction with a series of Bizconnect PPKI events.

From the 20 participants, eventually Project Eden committee chose the big five for closed pitch interviews session. Before this stage, Kevin Mintaraga explained that 52 participants were selected through online registration. They choose the 20 best business proposals to pitch their idea for five minutes to the Project Eden committee.

As written by, the five participants who passed are Bumble Games Indonesia, Telunjuk, PointBump, Arsanesia, and LocalBrand.

Kevin Mintaraga and Natali Ardianto explained via email to DailySocial, the five elected will conduct a closed pitch interview as a continuation of the initial selection, Natali said, “It could be in the first closed pitch interview we did not directly accept the startup, but we give a kind of mentorship to sharpen their business plan, we might even offer to do a pivot so the business plan become more focused, and they did another pitch interview with a business plan that has been sharpened.”

When asked about the reasons why Project Eden choose the best 5 as mentioned above, Kevin said that they had the initial idea, founder who have a vision and integrity and the opportunity to developed product that will be accepted by market, while Natali explains that in addition to good products, this five ‘winners’ has a founder passion, sharp and focused. This kind of character is sought by the committee of Project Eden.

The toughness in a founder became one of the important things, Natali exemplifies PointBump, originally PointBump was an underdog, but after a pitch session yesterday, Project Eden decided to pick them, one reason was that Project Eden saw firsthand the founder passion and believes in his product.

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