Video: Analysis of key social media issues in China

The episode of Thoughtful China, on YouTube, below discusses and analyses a number of key issues within China’s online landscape today, such as the rumour that Facebook is partnering with search giant Baidu to finally enter the country’s online market.

Below is my summary of key points from the video, which I’d advise anyone interested in the development of the internet in Asia or social media in general to watch.

As the pundits discuss, China has emerged as a key market for any online firm with an international strategy. The old adage that Chinese companies simply imitate is being challenged by the likes of Sina, whose microblogging service boasts more than 140 million users.

My pick of the topics discussed include:

  • Can Facebook make an impression in China?
  • Does Facebook’s rumoured partnership with Chinese search giant Baidu make sense?
  • What is microblogging like in China now Weibo usage and popularity has exploded in the country?
  • Are microblogging services eating into the popularity and usage of social networks in China?
  • How did Sina Weibo develop into such a giant?
  • How do China’s ‘Twitter clones’ Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo compare to Twitter?
  • What is the next big thing set to make an impression on China’s digital landscape?