Video: Chinese man builds home-made iPad

China is gadget-crazy. First there was the boy who sold his kidney to buy an iPad, then the girl offering her virginity for an iPhone and now we have the story of a Chinese man who decided to build his own tablet rather than buying an iPad.

The home-made tablet is of course not an iPad, as it runs on Windows and was crafted using a set of laptop parts, a touch screen and a leather case complete with a keypad, as Ubergizmo explains.

My favourite element to this story is that the man filmed himself making the device on YouKu (below), the Chinese YouTube, which could allow others to follow his slightly eccentric lead, in getting a tablet computer without needing to splash out.

The tablet has been dubbed the DIY iPad 3, but it seems to me that it is clearly more deserving of nickname that reflects the hard work that went into creating this unique device.

How about myPad or iMadeItPad?