Developing Economies More Mobile Than Rich Nations, Says World Bank

A recent World Bank report says the developing world is more mobile than more established economies. In an infographic released by the multilateral funding institution, it is revealed that mobile use in developing economies has surpassed that of developed countries.

This is mostly due to a “mobile first” path, which is mostly brought about by the lower cost of accessing mobile networks, in terms of device and infrastructure. In developing economies, mobile devices and technologies are more primarily used to educate and build business rather than entertain.

Mobile use in developing countries has jumped from 29% to 77% from 2000 to 2010. In some countries, like the Philippines, mobile penetration is even forecast to reach 100% in the next couple of years. The World Bank expects mobile device penetration to exceed developing countries’ populations by 2015.

“Mobile applications not only empower individual users,” the World Bank report said, but “they enrich their lifestyles and livelihoods, and boost the economy as a whole.”

Check out the infographic for a peek at mobile trends in the developing world. You can click on the images for a bigger version.

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via The World Bank