Does Microsoft Need a Facelift? 21-Year Old Designer Thinks So

Microsoft is seen as moving away from its old image of being the conservative, corporate type of company. However, it’s not enough that Microsoft is now focusing on Windows Phone 7, Surface and soon Windows Phone 8. 21-year old design student Andrew Kim thinks Microsoft needs a serious facelift when it comes to its branding.

Kim says Microsoft “needs to be a brand that represents the future. Be slightly aggressive unlike Google and Appleā€™s friendly marketing. Promise to deliver the future today. Be almost science fiction.”

As such, Microsoft will need to shed its ties with its past self, and move toward a branding that inspires people. Kim proposes a new logo that will reflect windows from a more urban setting, eschewing the traditional four-pane window logo of old. That’s what “metro” is supposed to refer to, right?

Kim calls it the “slate,” which should be formatted differently depending on the Windows product.

Looks like an interesting idea. With major competitors Apple and Google focusing on having a cool image, Microsoft would benefit from a brand refresh. Check out Andrew Kim’s post for innovative Microsoft branding ideas.

Via Memeburn