Dropmyemail Offers 25GB and 50GB Backup Plans

Dropmyemailannounced its “industrial-strength” email backup solutions for SMEs and power users: The 25GB (Pro 25) and 50GB (Pro 50) plans. Since I last wrote about Dropmyemail, I signed up for the free account, backed up my Yahoo and Gmail accounts but fell short of space I was willing to get for free (1.25GB out of a possible 2GB). So I subscribed to the Pro 5 plan, but it turns out I could have just sent invites to earn additional .75GB of space for my 1.6GB backup. But my case shows how much junk one is willing to save in one’s email accounts over the years.

Dropmyemail now offers 25GB and 50GB of email backup space. (Image: Dropmyemail)

Dropmyemail now offers 25GB and 50GB of email backup space. (Image: Dropmyemail)

This means users with more than three email accounts that are over 10 years old could conceivably need more than 5GB of email backup space. This Singaporean startup now looks to cater to mega email hoarders of the 25GB variety and small business who need to secure their emails with the 50GB plan.

With 911,000 users (and counting), Dropmyemail’s growth is living up to its promise of 1 million subscribers by its next round of funding. CEO and founder John Fearon generated interest in Dropmyemail and Dropmysite at Echelon 2012, with both startups becoming finalists in the Startup Marketplace. Terence Lee wrote an excellent piece on Fearon, giving us a glimpse of how this man flies in the face of flopped ventures and just keeps on going.

The Dropmyemail and Dropmysite team is currently working on integrating alternate payment options for users in certain countries (Indonesia and India) where they don’t accept PayPal — the sites’ preferred payment system. They are losing out on potential subscribers willing to pay for the backup services. These teething problems are par for the course in any startup, and this Singaporean startup aims to keep at it. As Fearon says of entreprenuers who dream big and fail: “Until they succeed, they’re just another idiot.”