Free WiFi on Shanghai Buses Coming Soon

Shanghai metro buses might soon have free WiFi on board, if a plan by the city government pushes through. Shanghai Daily reports that the Shanghai Bashi Group, in cooperation with Shanghai Telecom Co and the local government is preparing technology for buses to carry a WiFi router and mobile broadband connectivity. The target market here are office workers who are likely to be smartphone and tablet users, too.

Buses in Shanghai might soon have free WiFi onboard, courtesy of a local government project.

Smart phone users currently have little access to free Wi-Fi on public transportation such as subways and buses. Such service is available in other cities like Guangzhou in southern China.

The city government wants to change that. Along the three new bus lines opened recently in the downtown Lujiazui financial area in Pudong New Area, office workers can enjoy free Wi-Fi at bus stations but not onboard. The bus lines link the main office buildings in Lujiazui and provide easier connections between Metro lines and buildings.

Similar services are being provided elsewhere in the region, such as Manila’s WiFi-enabled buses powered by SMART Communications. With worsening traffic situations around metropolitan areas in the Asia Pacific, having free or sponsored access to mobile data might just help keep passengers’ heads cool during the rush hour.

via Shanghaiist