Hackers Steal 8 Million User Identities from South Korean Mobile Provider KT

South Korean mobile users have reason to worry, as KT — the country’s biggest landline company and the second largest mobile network — reports a incident that has enabled malicious hackers to gain access to 8 million accounts.

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

According to local police, the hackers were able to develop a program that stole names, residential registration numbers and mobile numbers of affected customers. The software had been uploaded to KT’s computer systems, and ran for months, harvesting personal information along the way.

The police report arresting two men in connection with the data theft. A former KT employee and six other individuals were charged for their involvement, as well.

The hacking incident went on for five months since February 2012, and affected about half of the telco’s 16 million subscribers. KT has promised to improve security in the aftermath of the hack attack.