LED, WebTV Gaining Ground In Malaysia

Market research company GfK reveals promising trends in Malaysians’ preference in purchasing TV sets equipped with LED backlight or internet connectivity features, or a combination of both. According to GfK retail audit findings, the growing proportion in the US$ 269 million television market is predictable, as the Internet becomes more popular and with the price of devices and services is being reduced through time. This scenario is the same in other emerging countries.

(Photo copyright Abe Olandres/Yugatech)

Both TV features combined register 50% share in the Malaysian market, and has enjoyed a 17% growth Year-To-Year. In short, more than one in every three flat screen TVs sold (37%) is an LED. This is more than double 2011’s share of 17%.

Over the last 12 months, 17% of flat panel TVs sold were web-enabled TV sets, which is 10-point incremental increase than in the previous period. The country now caters to more internet-savvy users enjoying more sophisticated programming and and leading edge TV technology.

The options are also widening. More brands and models of Internet-connected TV sets with net connectivity are available. A year ago, it was only around 50 models to choose from, but today the market has about 100 models that offer Internet-connectivity.

Market research firm’s report also says that number of people in Malaysia that are eager to look for TV with larger screen sizes, which is driven by its declining prices. The sales of 40 inch and above TVs has grown significantly and contributed to 44 percent of the total share, an increase of 6 percent compared to the period of May 2010 to April 2011.

“The technology of TV is always evolving; with innovative features constantly being introduced to create new buzz in the market. For instance, recently launched sensor motion and voice controls features may just be the future of TVs where remote controls become obsolete; taking consumers’ TV experience to a whole new level,” GfK Malaysia General Manager Jennifer Chan said in the press release.