Lenovo Fires Up EE 3 Machines At Singapore’s F1 Pit

Lenovo’s impressive line of Enhanced Experience 3 (EE 3) machines will be featured at Singapore’s F1 Pit Building this 18 July at 4PM. Organizer HyperText (Text100.com) sent out the news informing everyone that the event will showcase Lenovo’s Think product range (with EE 3) and its partner of business suite tools for SMEs and large corporations. It’s quite an ambitious move, but I can’t think of a more apt place to demonstrate EE 3’s speed and performance than at Singapore’s F1 track (or Pit building — the track is being used by buses and cars right now).Lenovo EE 3 Machines

Lenovo wants to jumpstart each user’s experience with a fast boot time using the EE 3 feature set. Specifically designed to work with Windows 7, each laptop’s boot time takes an average of 24 seconds (on standard hard drives, mind you), where  typical Windows 7 PCs with the same kinds of chips boot in an average of 41 seconds. The technology for such speed on what will soon be “legacy” memory (solid-state drives or SSD will replace magnetic disks down the line) is due to Lenovo’s RapidBoot and BootShield systems.

RapidBoot defrags the boot sector of your hard drive and caches them in RAM for speedy startups. Hardware drivers are geared for optimum speed, the BIOS post time has been improved and pre-installed software (like antivirus programs) are “compiled and imaged.” Even after you’ve used your laptop for a while, BootShield will still keep things running smoothly.

BootShield will hold off the programs you installed so they won’t interrupt the booting process. Currently available only for notebooks, BootShield makes sure the device drivers load first in order to optimise the boot sequence, and the non-essential apps will follow after the laptop boots up completely (or until you launch the program yourself).

Even after several years of use — and more than a few programs installed, Lenovo says the EE 3 still launches an average of 28 seconds (compared to 82 seconds for comparable systems on the same OS). I can imagine starting your SSD-based Lenovo on EE 3 and Win7 will literally take a flash.

Lenovo has plenty of other stuff in store for the EE 3 ThinkPad:

  • Enhanced security features like a BIOS port lock
  • Hardware password manager
  • USB blocker
  • Self-encrypting hard drive
  • Dual-array microphones (great conferencing feature)
  • HD webcams
  • Fingerprint reader

Current owners of Lenovo laptops won’t be able to upgrade to EE 3, but new laptops will come with it. Gone are the morning rituals of turning on your computer in the morning, prepare breakfast, take a shower and eat breakfast — all while waiting for the machine to boot up.