Samsung Galaxy S III Sales to Hit 10 Million in July

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, is a hit among consumers, and Samsung expects it to hit cumulative sales of 10 million units this July, according to the firm’s Head of Telecommunication Business Shin Jong-Kyun. Samsung launched the Galaxy S III — considered to be the Apple iPhone 4S’ main competition — May 29 in Europe. Samsung is now planning to include more emerging markets as part of its global roll-out, to double its smartphone sales to 200 million devices.

(Photo copyright Abe Olandres / Tech Wire Asia)

As of May, Samsung has reached 28 markets across Europe and the Middle East. The South Korean company’s confidence in the market is further boosted by support from 300 mobile carriers in 145 countries worldwide. It should be noted, though, that the numbers are reflected from demand according to mobile operators. Samsung usually keeps the sales figures for themselves.

There are a few points that indicate Samsung’s sales goals will be accomplished as planned. First, due to overwhelming demand, the launch by Sprint was delayed. Second, the flagship phone had been received four out of five stars by a CNET review, and was awarded the CNET Editors’ Choice.

Still, the success of the Galaxy S 3 is not without any hitch. An incident a few weeks after launch involved the Galaxy S III exploding while being charged on a car cradle.

The flagship devices in the Galaxy series are usually Samsung’s bestsellers. Research points out that Samsung has sold 52 million flagship Galaxy smartphones since their debut two years ago.  With this, the Samsung Galaxy S series has become the biggest challenger to the iPhone, and Apple has been keeping a close tab on Samsung because of this.

First quarter 2012 figures indicates that the powerhouse duo have pulled away from their other competitors and formed a so-called two horse race with a combined 55% market share and 90% profits in the smartphone market.