Triple SIM Support for the iPhone with Pocketmate

Recent studies have shown that Asians have a thing for multi-SIM mobile phones. Perhaps it’s for the convenience of carrying only one device instead of two or three. For some, the reason would be economics — buying one device is cheaper than buying two or three.

Brands like Alcatel and Nokia have responded to the demand in this lower end of the market with their respective dual-SIM phones. Some local brands even offer triple-SIM smartphones. But for higher-end devices, users are usually stuck with having to carry an additional phone for their alternate SIMs.

There are devices that offer multi-SIM support as an add-on. One of these is Pocketmate, which recently introduced a dual-SIM add on for the iPhone that effectively turns it into a triple-SIM device. The Chinese device is smaller than the iPhone screen and houses its own 900 mAh battery. The device connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and lets users call and text from the phone’s own call and SMS inteface after switching SIMs using a provided app.

No price has bee disclosed, and Pocketmate says the device only supports one SIM slot for the meantime. But this kind of device might be a hit for iPhone users who want to maintain more than one line without having to use an additional mobile phone.

via Tech in Asia, Leiphone