Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best for gaming

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the best selling phone of all time easily outselling the iPhone. Apple had hoped that the iPhone 5 would challenge the dominance of the Galaxy S3, and claimed at launch that it was the best gaming phone that money could buy. That wasn’t an empty claim, as the iPhone 5 did raise the bar in many respects. But even with its bigger screen, thinner build and faster processor, it has now been surpassed — and even eclipsed — by the Galaxy S4, which is now considered the best mobile device for gaming.

One of its features that lends to this is its Super AMOLED display. The size has been increased to five inches which is just right; any larger and it would be a little too cumbersome to hold comfortably in your hand. It has full HD resolution and the brightness and contrast levels are higher than on the S3; gone too have those strange colour distortions which have been reported on the S3 (though you would have needed perfect vision to have noticed them).

Early speculations suggested that the S4 would have an eight core processor, but while there are 8 core processor versions of the phone around, in the UK Samsung has released just a quad core version. However, while the S3 also had a quad core processor that in the S4 has been significantly tuned up and runs at a much higher clock rate. In terms of gaming capabilities the quad core S4 is more than adequate for providing an excellent gaming experience especially when playing online games, which include popular Android titles today, like Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Final Fantasy 6 and even gaming titles that can be downloaded from Jackpot City. Even playing multiplayer console games is quite possible, and there is not the kind of hesitation or jumps that you can get on slower phones.

While Android device manufacturers have come up with interesting ideas that will essentially run Android on console-type devices, like the US$99.99 OUYA, nothing can beat a general-purpose device that can also give you console-like performance in mobile gaming. While the Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone for gaming today, there is no doubt, though, that Samsung and other manufacturers are already working on the next generation device that will surely blow the socks off the current-generation smartphones and tablets. We will surely be watching out for upcoming products.