Facebook is extending a helping hand to businesses looking to advertise to more specific audiences. Pic: Facebook

Facebook launches new tools to help grow businesses beyond the app

FACEBOOK recently announced new ways it would help advertisers find their most valuable customers, while sharing new ways for businesses to drive app installs and re-engagement.

People spend almost 90 percent of their time on mobile in apps and 58 percent of mobile purchases in the U.S. are made via apps. So businesses should fully utilize mobile apps to connect to people who are most likely to download them and bring value.

On the other hand, not everyone who installs an app will use it in ways that are valuable to businesses. Only 6 percent of people still use an app 30 days after installing it.

Therefore, to help businesses reach the right people who are most likely to take valuable and repeated actions, Facebook will be launching the App Event Optimization. This can help businesses maximize the value of their apps beyond the initial install in the long run.

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Facebook has managed to determine whether a person is likely to take actions within an app based on data and people with similar characteristics following advertising engagements across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

“Together, these solutions will allow app advertisers find the people who will take the actions they care about most, helping them to meet their business goals and drive quality people to their apps”, said Jehan Damji, Facebook’s Product Manager.

Dynamic Adverts and Canvas – which were great Facebook advertising successes – will soon be made available to businesses planning to boost app installs and engagement in the coming weeks.

With Dynamic Adverts, people who show interest in a particular product on a website will be directed to an app install advert featuring that product, which they can purchase after installing the app. This enables advertisers to connect with people who are already interested in their products, and therefore more likely to make in-app purchases.

Canvas promotes apps through a more enticing advert experience. This allows businesses to bring their apps to life on mobile adverts, showcasing the app and offering sneak peeks to what consumers can expect.