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Japanese startup Creww launches accelerator program with Panasonic

STARTUP community platform, Creww, announced yesterday that it has launched an accelerator program in partnership with consumer electronics giant Panasonic, in search of new ideas and technologies to incorporate in smart home appliances and consumer services.

Tokyo-based Creww, which offers innovation opportunities and connects foreign startups to Japanese enterprises, opened applications for the Panasonic Accelerator 2016 on Wednesday. The deadline for applying is July 28.

The program is made up of three categories – ‘home appliances and living’, ‘work’, and ‘advanced technologies’. The latter is Panasonic’s offering of intellectual assets or human resources to develop innovations.

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According to The Bridge, these assets also include bioelectronic sensing, spoken-language analysis, and image diagnosis support technologies.

Once documents and presentations have been sifted through, selected applicants will take part in the accelerator program with a Panasonic team, scheduled to begin on September 2.

Creww has launched 60 accelerator programs, and has processed almost 1,700 applications and proposals from startups to date. Out of those, they now have 207 pilot programs under their wings.