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Attention, startups and SMEs: Make Instagrammers care about your posts

Businesses, both big and small, have been using social networks to reach wider audiences in recent years more than ever. A powerful social network – especially for small businesses today – is none other than reformed hipster giant: Instagram.

Following its recent facelift and algorithm changes, brands must recognize how you can take advantage of Instagram’s new approach to improve visibility and social engagement.

Use #hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in Instagram’s new algorithm as it is based on what users want to see. People miss 70 percent of their feeds on average, so if they don’t care for what you share, they may not see your posts. So think about hashtags that are relevant to your business and keep tabs on trending hashtags in your field. However, do avoid hashtag spamming. You may draw more eyeballs to your posts, but flooding your followers with hundreds of hashtags may turn them off.

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Start advertising

Instagram is now one of the largest mobile ads platforms. An update rolled out this year now lets users also upload longer videos of up to 60 seconds and track the number of views. This is a huge advantage for Instagram advertising.

But despite the availability of branded and sponsored content, Instagrammers are not thrilled to see obnoxious ads appear on their curated timelines. So entice your audience with creative visuals and quality stories by producing more relevant and engaging content. With the support of clickable buttons like, ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Sign Up Now’, brands can now drive action following your ads.

An example of Instagram adverts, by Petronas. Pic: Instagram

An example of Instagram adverts, by Petronas. Pic: Instagram

Be present in the community

Instagram is also aiming to reach globalization with its newly added translation feature. In a community of over 500 million users to date, create awareness for your business by engaging with your followers and other brands.

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If you are promoting a product or service, show what is happening behind the scenes. It can be a photo of your product in-the-making, models at your product photoshoot, or even on-set filming a TV commercial. Removing the business goggles and adding a human touch to your posts is a good way to draw more attention to your brand.