In today's era, AI can provide sales teams with an advantage. Source: Shutterstock

In today’s era, AI can provide sales teams with an advantage. Source: Shutterstock

Here’s how sales teams can leverage AI to delight customers

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology and can help all kinds of professionals — including those in sales.

Usually, organizations focus on getting AI working in areas such as operations and supply chain in order to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, but the technology can really work wonders for sales teams.

Top-of-the-line CRM vendors, therefore, are incorporating elements of AI into their solution to enable sales teams to get more out of their data.

Although each solution has its own custom features, here are three key AI-based sales enhancements that delight teams and help them go the extra mile to close a deal.

# 1 | Data mining and social insights

Sales teams often interact with several different prospects and customers. Keeping track of their specific businesses might therefore be a little tough.

However, with an intelligent CRM, AI could help keep track of what’s current with companies — tracking news from the internet.

This information not only helps salespeople appear well informed but also provides them with new opportunities to approach clients; opportunities they might have otherwise missed.

Further, CRM systems, with help from AI, could also track the organization’s internal data sources for transactions with related companies, information from contracts, and even inbound requests or queries to help join the dots and present a more exciting and timely proposal to prospects and customers.

# 2 | Real-time deal-sizing

Sales teams usually rely on just the CRM system for all their daily tasks. From reaching out to customers, logging discussions, and tracking progress, to follow-ups and renewals — everything is done on the CRM.

However, since AI can tap into data from other sources as well, it can help sales teams quickly key in customer requirements to generate better quotes based on pre-set pricing policies as well as current inventory.

Some new-age CRMs also use AI to help salespeople tap into warehouse and supply chain data to provide clients with answers should the need arise.

# 3 | Communications assistance

Most commonly, AI systems these days are helping salespeople do more with their time when working with their CRM by serving as an assistant.

AI, powered by devices such as Amazon Alexa, can help listen in on conversations with customers and transcribe call logs instead of have the sales representative type it out.

Finally, the CRM, with help from AI, could also support salespeople with better emails drafts, suggestions about things that are top of mind in the customer’s industry, and so on.