Snowflake has announced that climate tech startup Unravel Carbon has chosen the Snowflake Data Cloud. (Source – Shutterstock)

Snowflake and Unravel Carbon showcase why businesses can’t afford to overlook climate tech

  • Unravel Carbon leverages Snowflake’s tech for sustainable solutions.
  • Unravel Carbon’s AI transforms data into actionable carbon insights.
  • Snowflake-NVIDIA partnership boosts Unravel Carbon’s data processing capabilities.

While tech has been part of the climate problem, it may also hold solutions. This is the potential promise of climate tech. Since the Industrial Revolution, technology powered by fossil fuels has spiked greenhouse gases, leading to extreme climate changes. Amid these challenges, companies like Snowflake are stepping in.

The Data Cloud firm recently revealed that Unravel Carbon, a climate tech start-up, will leverage its platform to consolidate emissions databases and decarbonization strategies, propelling organizations towards greater ecological consciousness.

Using technology for a greener planet

Originating from Singapore, Unravel Carbon’s mission is to aid large to medium-sized corporations in monitoring and lessening their carbon emissions. Their AI-driven carbon decarbonization platform transforms corporate accounting data into comprehensive carbon insights throughout the supply chain, subsequently proposing eco-friendly solutions for achieving net-zero emissions. Their client base spans 25 countries and includes notable names like Mercedes Benz, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, and the central bank of Singapore.

Grace Sai, co-founder and CEO of Unravel Carbon, has expressed concerns about the world her daughter might inherit considering the dire effects of escalating global temperatures and the collective efforts required to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

“We need to do our best to minimize this. As Asia accounts for 60 percent of global emissions, our goal is to help companies measure, track, reduce, and report their carbon emissions with speed and at scale – this enables them to be part of the solution for current and future generations,” Sai elaborated on her motivation behind establishing Unravel Carbon.

Climate action can seem overwhelming and complex for companies to address, often leading to environmental considerations being pushed down the priority list. Despite this, companies may find that proactively addressing climate change can yield unexpected benefits to their bottom line.

Snowflake and Unravel Carbon partner to revolutionize climate tech.

Unravel Carbon selects Snowflake to equip businesses with practical strategies for carbon reduction. (Source – Shutterstock)

Climate change poses a considerable risk to the longevity and performance of businesses, a fact often overlooked by many corporations. However, in the Asia-Pacific region, an increasing number of companies are pledging to reduce their environmental impact.

With only an estimated six years left until we reach a crucial tipping point in climate change, Unravel Carbon discovered that merely 10,000 of 400 million global companies are monitoring their carbon footprints. To aid these companies, Unravel Carbon sought a scalable, user-friendly platform to meet customer needs, reduce business risks, and explore growth opportunities with a climate-conscious lens.

A data-driven approach to carbon decarbonization

Unravel Carbon turned to Snowflake to consolidate their datasets, allowing clients to focus more on decarbonization to meet sustainability goals rather than spending time on measuring. Converting a company’s full production data using traditional methods can take up to 6 to 9 months of manual consulting work. With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Unravel Carbon’s clients can now report their carbon footprint almost instantly.

This partnership with Snowflake aligns well with their commitment to developing data-driven solutions that have minimal environmental impact.

Sai praises Snowflake’s user-friendly platform, which allows Unravel Carbon to create databases identifying emission hotspots swiftly, emit less carbon compared to traditional solutions, and extract structured and unstructured data from diverse sources to drive effective decarbonization initiatives.

“In the three months since we integrated Snowflake’s solutions, our emissions databases have been instrumental in improving data-driven, climate-aware decision-making. Unravel Carbon also is planning to set up the world’s largest repository for every service on Snowflake to power the low carbon economy,” Grace added.

Unravel Carbon chooses Snowflake to revolutionize climate tech.

Sanjay Deshmukh, Senior Regional Vice President for ASEAN and India, Snowflake

Sanjay Deshmukh, Snowflake’s Senior Regional Vice President for ASEAN and India, emphasized that addressing sustainability is essentially a data problem. With its Data Cloud platform capabilities, Snowflake aspires to be a front runner in tackling these data and business challenges for the common good.

“We are committed to this journey as a global business partner, an employer, and a community member,” said Deshmukh. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Unravel Carbon in this journey, leveraging data and data analytics and AI for good to help more companies across Asia Pacific become more sustainable.”

A partnership opening new AI possibilities for climate tech

The recent Snowflake-NVIDIA collaboration comes at an opportune time. This partnership allows businesses to develop custom AI applications quickly and securely within the Snowflake Data Cloud. Utilizing NVIDIA’s NeMo platform and GPU-accelerated computing, companies can create distinct large language models for advanced AI services while keeping their data secure. This partnership unlocks new, extraordinary business insights by introducing high-performance machine learning and AI to Snowflake’s substantial data collection.

This partnership between Snowflake and NVIDIA can significantly augment Unravel Carbon’s capabilities and efficiency. It equips Snowflake to employ NVIDIA’s large language models and GPU-accelerated computing for advanced generative AI services. This ability can significantly enhance data processing and interpretation, which is vital for Unravel Carbon as they integrate emissions inventory databases and decarbonization solutions.

With NVIDIA-powered AI capabilities within Snowflake, Unravel Carbon can access high-performance machine learning and AI for a vast array of structured enterprise data. This advancement can facilitate more rapid and accurate generation of carbon insights from company accounting information, resulting in more effective decarbonization solution proposals.

In essence, the partnership equips Unravel Carbon with the tools necessary to enhance the speed, scale, and overall efficiency of their services. This improvement is crucial for the startup’s aim of assisting companies in rapidly and extensively measuring, tracking, reducing, and reporting their carbon emissions.