Can you wait? iPhone 4 rollout across Asia Pacific (updated)

Despite issues with its antenna and possible loss of service (as blogged here) the iPhone 4 has become one of the biggest selling devices with three million sales within the first three weeks alone, according to Mashable.

Like the rest of the world iPhone 4 fever has gripped Asia, though most markets have had to patiently wait their turn.

With Singapore and Hong Kong joining Japan in stocking the device, here is a quick overview of how long the rest of Asia (and Australasia) must wait and which operators will offer the device.

The prognosis for most that are yet to receive the advice is September 2010 – can you wait that long?



Available: now – launched July 30,  2010

Operators: Optus, Telstra, Three, Vodadfone

And also: This Sydney Morning Herald article is a must read for anyone considering the device in Australia.



Available: unknown – the device is not yet compatible with China’s mobile network technology. *UPDATE: China Unicom hopes to sell the device “later this year”, via AFP. *UPDATEAP reports operator China Unicom will launch the device in September.

Operators: unknown though China Unicom and China Mobile have both expressed interest in the device.

And also: the iPhone 4 is already available through China’s infamous grey market, see here for more


Hong Kong

Available: now – July 30,  2010

Operators: CSL, SmartTone, Hutchison (Three)

And also: The Wall Street Journal has full coverage from the HK launch date.



Available: September 2010 [according to]

Operators: Airtel, Vodafone

And also: According to a Hindu Times interview with Airtel, the iPhone 4 will be available in India by October at the latest.



Available: unconfirmed, though September 2010 is likely date

Operators: Telkomsel

And also: Apple will hope to shake up the huge Indonesia market where, as Thomas Crampton points out, BlackBerry and other smartphones outsell the iPhone.



Available: now – launched June 24, 2010

Operators: Softbank

And also: Japan was the first Asian country to receive the iPhone 4 which is sold exclusively through Softbank.



Available: September 2010 (unconfirmed) [according to]

Operators: Maxis

And also: Exclusive operator Maxis claimed on Twitter it will be selling the iPhone 4 by September. While ZDNet reports those not able to wait in Malaysia are willing to part with up to US$1,000 for a grey market device.


New Zealand

Available: now – launched July 30,  2010

Operators: Vodafone

And also: Phones Review claims the iPhone 4 launch in New Zealand was a complete disaster.



Available: as early as September [according to iPhone 4 Philippines blog]

Operators: Globe Telecom

And also: CNET has video footage of a US$75 fake iPhone in the Philippines.



Available: now – launched July 30,  2010

Operators: SingTel, StarHub, M1

And also: Singapore is notable for having the world’s highest ratio of iOS (the Apple operating system) devices per person. On average, close to one in 10 (8.5 percent of population) own an iPhone, according to CNET Asia.


South Korea

Available: delayed until regulatory approval is received *UPDATE: the Wall Street Journal is reporting the phone has been approved with KT promising to “try our best to launch iPhone 4 sometime in September” while AP claims KT is accepting per-launch orders from 15 August 2010.

Operators: KT

And also: July saw The Korea Herald report the iPhone 4 is to launch in the country “in the coming months”.



Available: unconfirmed, though September 2010 is likely date

Operators: Chunghwa Telecom *UPDATE: Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone are also set to offer the device in Taiwan

And also: Taiwanese animation firm NMA created this amusing computer-generated video in the wake of the iPhone 4 antenna issues – recommended viewing, particularly those wanting to see Steve Jobs dressed as Darth Vader.



Available: September 2010 (unconfirmed) [as blogged previously]

Operators: True, DTAC, AIS

And also: aside from this blog, as I’m based in Thailand, the iPhone Thailand blog is a must follow for the latest on the iPhone 4 in the country.



Available: September 2010 (unconfirmed) [according to]

Operators: Vinaphone, Viettel

And also: Rumours of an iPhone 4 circulating back in May (as blogged here) drew the attention of media across the world, with one outlet even claiming the device to have been lost by Apple. Seems more likely it was one of the regions many fakes.

*UPDATE: Thomas Crampton has put this data into a more visual format that is worth looking at over at his blog.