Chinese hacker targets local Philippine govt website

Hackers appear to be having a field day penetrating and defacing Philippine government websites. On the same day that the Philippine Information Agency website homepage was defaced, Filipino netizens discovered that the official website of the provincial government of Bulacan has also been breached by another hacker with a more pointed political message, demanding an apology and investigation into the August 23 hostage-taking incident that killed several residents of China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Although the hacker did not deface the Bulacan provincial website‘s homepage, the perpetrator managed to insert new pages at and at

Below are automated translations via Google of the messages on the inserted page:

“People’s Republic of China” 


“Philippines, Bulacan Provincial Government, I am from the great Republic of China, you should be on the Philippine hostage-taking incident was an apology. Must give an account of leading the Chinese people who were killed or caused by your government not as an apology must be sincere, reasonable compensation to the Hong Kong compatriots, it is necessary, the xxx as soon as possible.”

It was signed “CopyRight  华夏小A & ~ 2010”.

The inserted page also included a flag of China.

The Aquino government has yet to react to the twin attacks by hackers on PIA and the Bulacan provincial websites.