Google, Skype and VPN – you are up next. But Google? Really?

Buoyed with its success with BlackBerry, the Indian government is taking it up a notch. It will be issuing notices to Google, Skype and VPN to comply with its guidelines. These companies have to give access to their servers to law enforcement agencies. Or else they would face a ban. (source)

This is bad news for the the Internet telephone world, which is buzzing right now with competing products and acquisition rumors. Google has launched its calls through Gmail, which directly competes with Skype. And Skype has applied for an IPO and could be on the block. Cisco would like to add Skype to its kitty and expand its human network, which already comprises of online meeting software – webex.

Google is the Tata of the software and online world. People use Google for almost anything and everything – search, email, chat and now phone. The Indian government is only interested in the voice and messaging services of Google, which excludes its popular search, email and social networking tool (Orkut). Banning any of Google’s services would be unimaginable. Maybe these enforcements should come in when a service is starting to grow, not when it is fully matured and has already gained a significant customer base.

Would Google bow like Blackberry?