Weekly round-up: Digital & tech Asia, August 29

A week is a long time in politics, as they say, but in this internet-centric age, a week in the the web can be even longer.

To keep up with what’s happening in Asia, every Monday I recap my pick of Asia’s key tech/digital news and articles from the previous week, while also including a round-up of the week’s posts from this blog too.

Here’s the selection from last week, 23-29 August 2010.

Tencent Extends China Reach With Comsenz Buy Wall Street Journal

Why Thailand Sucks for Tech Startups and How to Fix It johnberns.com [technically from the week previous]

Hi-tech help on offer for Filipino rice farmers BBC News

Smartphones to make up over half of Asian sales by 2015 AFP

Marketing in China: go online FT Beyondbrics

Bids are in for 3G auction Bangkok Post

App World 2.0 brings paid BlackBerry apps to Thailand CNet Asia

Seedcamp comes to Asia e27

Google Scholarship program kicks off in China The Official Google Blog

Google Sites Has Largest Audience in Asia Pacific Region While Tencent Captures Highest Share of Online Minutes comScore

Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela Lead Global Surge in Twitter Usage comScore

Japan’s sumo wrestlers grapple with Apple’s iPad AFP

Singaporean arrested for inciting violence on Facebook Channel News Asia

This Week in Asia Episode 66: The Worlds of Tencent & Sekai Camera This Week in Asia [podcast]

Levi’s gets social in Asia Speed PR blog

China Unicom to sell Apple iPad next month: report AFP

Facebook India Opens India Offices Mashable

Are Facebook and YouTube Fomenting Violence in Kashmir? Fast Company

Hackers attack Philippine government website AFP

Tencent: Unit To Pay $10.5 Million For Thailand Internet Firm Shares Fox Business

From this blog last week – Jon Russell: social media and tech in Asia:

The best of @thanongk’s tweets

China “is number one” software opportunity

Tencent invests $10.5m in Thai web firm Sanook

Facebook topples Orkut in India

CrowdStar joins Zynga in battle for Japan’s $2bn social gaming industry

(Trying to) Make sense of Thai internet laws

China’s unique social media landscape in detail

China’s teen-only internet cafe offers new approach to fighting web addiction

Japan overtakes Indonesia as biggest Twitter user in Asia

And also…last week saw my maiden post for e27 – a Singapore-based blog dedicated to startups and tech in Asia – go up:

Gaurav Oberoi on how to sell a startup