A love letter for Yahoo!, Koprol

Dear Koprol and Yahoo,

You guys have been working together for over a year and Koprol has been around for over 2.5 years but we haven’t seen major adoption of your service by third party apps and services thanks to your lack of open API. What is going on? Why can’t you guys get your shit together so you can finalize and release your damn API?

Many of your feature releases are ahead of Foursquare. Those guys are actually catching up with a lot of the stuff that your team put together in the past two years, these include image hosting, threaded comments, nearby venues, business profiles, and venue reviews.

So why aren’t you throwing your weight around?

You’re like that guy who everybody knows is faster than the guys racing on the track but you can’t be bothered to get your ass down there and show that you actually are.

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