Firefox to become the top web browser in India

Internet Explorer will be haunting Microsoft for the second time. The first time it happened was in the 90’s when Microsoft completely ignored the web browser potential  only to let Netscape become a overnight success. That’s when Microsoft realized that browser is indeed a big thing and bundled its browser with every operating system it sold. After the bundling move, though Microsoft attracted lawsuits, Internet Explorer (IE) remained unstoppable. IE has become the de facto browser because of the ubiquity of Windows operating system. Until Firefox came along.

Firefox, an upstart like Netscape, began to challenge IE when it was released in 2004. Since its launch, Firefox slowly gained momentum mainly because of its innovations and faster deployment cycles. This time though, Microsoft did not have any tricks up its sleeve to tackle Firefox. Microsoft simply couldn’t compete with the open source movement of Firefox. Right now, Firefox with a global share of 28.04% is the second most popular web browser, IE with a market share of 42.41% being the first.

When it comes to India, the trend is similar to global trend with great respect shown to Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is on the cusp of usurping Internet Explorer as the top web browser of India. Firefox has a market share of 33.45% and IE has a market share of 33.6%. Looking at the gradient on the IE line, Firefox could already be the top web browser in India.

While Firefox can rejoice and IE can repent, there is one more player who will be observing these trend lines – Chrome. Google Chrome, the third browser in the ring, has a near 30% market share in India. Looking at the slope at which Chrome’s trend line has risen, it could spoil the party for Firefox in few months. In the UK, Chrome has already beaten Firefox.

If you look at the chart above, there is slight downward trend for Chrome’s share for the month of August.  We are only 2 days into August and we need a good full month to analyze. Whatever August holds for us, we can be sure of this : Web browser chart on Aug 31, 2011 will be something Microsoft would hate to see.

Google Chrome is yet another case for India’s love for Google.

Via | Data via StatCounter