Indonesia: 87% of Twitter usage is mobile… and more

Indonesian social media analytics firm Saling Silang this week released its report on the country’s social media landscape over the first half of the year.

Though explicitly related to Indonesia and local trends the report, which can be seen in slideslide deck here, contains a wealth of interesting details, some of which I’ve picked out below.


  • 86.9% of tweets are sent via mobile phones, with just 12% of messages published from the web
  • BlackBerry is by far and away the dominant phone for Twitter users, evidenced by Ubersocial (a popular Twitter app) and the official BlackBerry app the most used platforms for Twitter users
  • Indonesia is estimated to produce 15% of all tweets, making it the third most active country on Twitter
  • A estimated total of 3.8 million Indonesians are active on Twitter per month, posting 53,880 tweets per hour
  • Twitter usage peaks on weekends in Indonesia, and during mornings and evenings
  • Jakarta is the most Twitter users (13.3% of activity), but the service is used extensively away from the capital


  • With almost 40 million users, Indonesia is the second biggest Facebook market behind only USA (note: India is fast catching and will likely overtake both soon)
  • There is also mention of the Indonesian blogosphere and a brief ¬†look at the progress of Google Plus in the country

Interestingly, Saling Silang has announced its own Twitter site – which is not an app but instead a site optimised for mobile… naturally given the behaviours within Indonesia.

The app can be accessed at and its features – which include scheduling and multiple account support – are designed for young Twitter users in Indonesia.

Check out the deck here for full details, while a couple of the more pertinent slides are below:

Twitter usage in Indonesia H1 2011

Twitter platforms used H1 2011