Tweets to #dearyoungself

Occasionally – very occasionally – twitter comes up with a topic that runs and runs, and give you pause for thought. #dearyoungself is particularly challenging within the 140 character limit.

Looking through the tweets, the most common advice most people would like to give their young selves is: don’t care what people think of you; friends don’t last; don’t worry, everything will be okay; study; listen to your parents; and mistakes make you who you are.

Individual responses range for the banal: “Your stomach won’t always be that flat”; the stupid “You shouldn’t have made all those stupid mistakes you made” to … well, the banal again: “Please buy 100 kgs of onions and store it safely somewhere.”

Me? Maybe I’d pass on some winning numbers from the Melbourne Cups – November would be something to look forward to every year.

Here are a selection of the twitter responses to #dearyoungself that caught my eye:

Learn to play the drums, the trombone won’t be very useful after people stop listening to Ska.

Remember that time you said you were running away and only went to the culdesac? Run much farther and find a new family.

Why would you ever choose to be an accountant?

You will eventually forgive Carlos Beltran for keeping the bat on his shoulder.

It gets worse.

Don’t waste your time on those who don’t waste their time on you .

You don’t need to fit in..soon, you’ll be cooler than that group who parties for a living.

Never chase girls let them chase you.

Twitter doesn’t have a sarcasm font so be warned.

Throwing things at other kids isn’t nice.

Your mother will still be crazy in the future so don’t expect much.

You know the Fox channel—the one with the Simpsons and Married with Children? Well, they gonna change. A lot.

Everybody knows you’re high.

You know how everyone is worried about you being in this relationship? They’re right. Run. As fast as you can.

Cuss Mr. Ryan out at the school board meeting. He’s kicking you out, don’t fall for that smile.

Don’t get attached, everyone will leave you eventually.

Don’t get mad wishing you was older, because when you get older, you gone wish you was younger.

I’m sorry all your expectations in men are ruined. If there is anyone you should blame, his name is Ian Somerhalder.

Life won’t turn out how you Planned it, and Frankly your Plans are kinda Dumb

Never make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances.

You aren’t going to have it figured out in your 30’s either. And you’re still awkward. Sorry kiddo.

Remember to write down your passwords for everything.

Glad you ignored the drama.

Don’t listen to your mother, wax your eyebrows. a month after you did, you got your first boyfriend…