Taxi-sharing App GoMyWay Launches in Singapore

Commuting can be a burden for city-dwellers. With rising transportation costs, it pays to carpool. But when riding a cab, you may not always be able to find companions willing to split the bill. Enter GoMyWay, a Singapore-based startup that offers an app for taxi sharing.

“We know how frustrating it can be to commute in Singapore – car ownership is expensive, buses and trains are congested during peak hour, and taxis are pricey and hard to come by – we feel that people are stuck between a rock and a hard place,” says Ken Ng, co-founder of GoMyWay. He says the app offers a viable alternative to paying hefty cab fares. Sharing could also be a good opportunity to meet people.

“[I]f you’re leaving from and heading to the same areas, chances are you will have a lot in common,” says Ng.

GoMyWay is available on iOS and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Via e27.