An example of how Waze’s new Global Event Partner Program works. Pic: Waze

Driving app Waze to liaise with event organizers to improve road traffic data

WAZE, the popular driving app developed by Israeli startup Waze Mobile, is now looking to ease traffic congestion by partnering with event organizers worldwide to improve communications about big events.

The Waze Global Event Partner Program aims to help users not get caught in event-related traffic. Major events often involve road closures, road blocks, and far too many cars being funneled into singular lanes, all of which cause massive pileups.

Anyone from marathon organizers, stadium operators, and any other party involved with event management is welcome to apply for the program, which has kicked off with 20 partners from North America, Lain America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The program aims to benefit both Waze’s partners and users. As a partner, organizers “can optimize traffic flow to get attendees, into venues or to events more quickly, yielding happier fans and potentially greater revenue from concessions.

Users and event attendees will be able to escape the excruciating boredom that comes with traffic jams, especially the scale of those that exist in Southeast Asia.

The California-based navigation app was acquired by Google in 2013 for over US$1 billion for its intuitive technology and ability to let users share real-time traffic data. However, the app is not a part of Google Maps.

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As of June 2013, Waze claimed nearly 50 million users worldwide. It also rolled out a new update to try and prevent the deaths of children or pets when left in a hot car.

The Waze Child Reminder opt-in alerts reminds users to check their car before leaving once they’ve arrived at their destinations.

“We hope this feature serves as a reminder to be present and remember any little ones who cannot speak up when it’s time to get out of the car,” said the company.