Building cyber resilience

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Building cyber resilience: Journey to the center of sustaining the lives of people

  • The New Claroty xDome gives businesses the ability to upgrade and safeguard the ongoing operation of the cyber-physical systems that support our way of life
  • By 2024, 80% of critical infrastructure organizations will abandon their existing siloed security solutions providers

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are changing how people engage with engineered systems, just like the Internet changed how people interact with information. As cool as that sounds, cyber-physical systems can be vulnerable to a variety of risks since they are made up of a variety of distinct components – like IoT and smart cities. As a result, organizations are planning to develop a culture of cyber resilience.

Here’s why, in accordance with Gartner, CPS is made up of both new assets that are also deployed full of vulnerabilities and legacy infrastructure that was implemented years ago without built-in security. As a result, the attack surface for hackers and other bad actors of all kinds has significantly increased, and the CPS that supports the majority of this essential infrastructure is increasingly under attack.

In response to these concerns, Claroty, a provider of cybersecurity solutions for cyber-physical systems (CPS) in commercial, healthcare, and industrial settings, has made Claroty xDome generally available. This new industrial cybersecurity platform is cloud-based and promotes cyber and operational resilience for modern industrial enterprises.

Given the rapid expansion of CPS across the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT), Claroty xDome is the first solution in the market to deliver the simplicity and scalability of SaaS without compromising on the breadth or depth of the visibility, protection, and monitoring controls that are essential to the entire CPS security journey.

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 80% of critical infrastructure firms will switch from their current siloed security solutions providers to hyper-converged ones to bridge cyber-physical and IT concerns.

Claroty empowers enterprises to build a culture of cyber resilience

Having said that, Claroty xDome fills this need by supporting any organization’s whole CPS security journey, regardless of the kinds of cyber-physical systems that support their operations, their present stage of maturity, or their network architecture. This requires:

  • Asset discovery capabilities: While other SaaS systems only offer passive monitoring, xDome provides this as well as additional techniques, allowing customers effective asset identification along with the simplicity and scalability of SaaS.
  • Vulnerability and risk management support: xDome eliminates vulnerabilities by comparing each asset with information from Claroty’s award-winning research arm Team82 and its database of known flaws. The company then offers personalized risk scoring and remediation advice so that clients can prioritize and reduce the risks that matter most.
  • Network segmentation: xDome addresses this issue by defining segmentation policies that can be reliably and automatically applied using the current infrastructure.
  • Detection and response capabilities: Since no environment is safe from threats, xDome gives customers the tools they need to quickly identify and fix attack vectors, spot and react to early signs of both known and unidentified threats, and integrate these capabilities with current SOC tools and workflows.

An asset inventory by itself is not a source of value, according to Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty, even if asset discovery is a critical need and how every organization begins their security journey. “By supplementing asset information with vulnerability and risk management, organizations can pivot to a much more advantageous position: from reacting to cyber threats and incidents that already exist in the network, to proactively preventing them from ever taking hold in the first place. Making this shift is critical for achieving cyber and operational resilience, and xDome empowers our customers to do so. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” he concluded.