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Demand for intelligent automation in Southeast Asia drives Endava expansion plans

Intelligent automation is becoming increasingly adapted by organizations around the world. With a combination of AI, business process management, and robotic process automation, businesses are relying on intelligent automation to streamline and scale decision-making across organizations.


In Southeast Asia, more organizations, especially in the manufacturing industry have increased their investments in intelligent automation. With that said, more tech providers are also looking to make the most out of this.


As such, Endava, a British-based leading global provider of digital acceleration, agile development, and intelligent automation services announced its expansion plans to the region. To be based in Kuala Lumpur, Endava Malaysia is the company’s first delivery operation center in Southeast Asia and will act as a hub for future expansion into the rest of the region.


While there are several other intelligent automation vendors in the country, Endava hopes to become a major player in providing technology to organizations in the trading, mining, logistics, payments, and insurance sectors in Malaysia. 


According to Radu Lazar, Regional Manager at Endava, “Malaysia’s maturity as an IT market makes it the ideal location to set up their first delivery operation in Southeast Asia. Lazar pointed out that as more companies in Malaysia look to technology to drive growth and remain competitive in a global market, Endava is committed to helping organizations with the relevant technical support to succeed.


As part of the expansion plans, Endava will tap into the country’s senior and highly skilled experts in both traditional and niche technologies. The tech company also hopes to set up junior programs with local universities as part of its long-term strategy. They will provide young people with opportunities to jump-start their careers at Endava with internship and graduate programs, student competitions, and dedicated events. 


With a 30% global employee referral rate, Endava provides employees with opportunities to plan for, switch, and develop sought-after career paths, technology and leadership skills, and business domain experience within the company. 


For Muhammad Azmi Zulkifli, CEO of InvestKL, the set up of its first delivery operation center in Southeast Asia from Greater Kuala Lumpur is indeed a testament to the country’s ease of doing business, future-ready talent, and a vibrant business ecosystem that nurtures investment growth.


“Endava’s presence is well positioned to support businesses here to accelerate their technology and digital advancements, bridging the gap in the region so that Malaysia remains competitive,” said Azmi.


With clients in payment, financial services, consumer products, retail, mobility, and healthcare, Endava currently serves clients in Australia, North America, Singapore, and Western Europe. While it has an existing sales office in Singapore, the Malaysian branch is expected to serve more of the technical requirements of its clients.


The tech firm strives to help businesses of all sizes utilize next-gen technology in the best way possible, empowering them to acquire opportunities for innovation, growth, and acceleration in Malaysia’s digital business landscape.