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These Are The Top Career Skills You Need For An AI Future

With layoffs at some of the biggest (and presumed to be the most secure) tech companies and talk of jobs being lost to automation looming, you could be mistaken for thinking the tech hiring landscape is in a precarious position.

In fact, the World Economic Forum has even gone as far as predicting that AI will replace 83 million global jobs by 2027.

However, when you dig a little deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that tech isn’t as unstable as the headlines make out, and AI isn’t necessarily coming for your job.

Instead, advances in generative AI are infiltrating every industry, not just tech, to help with productivity and efficiency, and as a result workers need to adapt and react accordingly by keeping their skills up to date.

Upskilling is key

Additional data from the World Economic Forum shows that 50% of workers will need to re-skill in the next two years to secure their place in a dynamic job market.

And while tech skills like Python and data management are undoubtedly important, soft skills, or in other words, the attributes machines have yet to master, will become increasingly crucial for employees and employers alike.

Separate research compiled by Deloitte predicts that soft skill-intensive jobs will make up almost two-thirds of all jobs by 2030 and a separate study has pinpointed that teamwork and collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking along with communication are the most important soft skills in the workplace.

Additionally, leadership and social influence along with resilience and flexibility are also included on the WEF’s list.

Putting a plan in place

If you already work for a large or medium-sized organization, learning and development might be available to you via your employer. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Salesforce are already working to address the skills gap by investing in their employees via on-site upskilling.


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And if your employer hasn’t made provisions for learning and development on-site, explore if there is a budget to facilitate an external course, completed as part of your day-to-day responsibilities.

However, if you can’t tap into existing resources, online courses from the likes of Coursera and Udemy that can be completed out of working hours are a great alternative—and frequently free—option.

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