Google transparency report: India made 1430 data requests

Google has released a new set of tools called as the transparency reports. This is an effort from Google to fight censorship from various governments. This new tool from Google has an interactive map of the world and lists down the various requests from various governments to Google.  Removal requests are for Google’s content on Blogger, Orkut, Search and YouTube. US (4287) and Brazil (2435) had made more data requests than India. 

Graphic below : 


Notable miss from the list is China. Here’s the explanation of Google : 

You may have noticed that there’s a question mark for content removal requests from China. As noted in the map, Chinese officials consider censorship demands as state secrets, so we cannot disclose that information at this time. During the period that Google’s joint venture operated, its search results were subject to censorship pursuant to demands from government agencies responsible for Internet regulation. As we announced in June, users visiting the landing page on now see a link to – where users can conduct web search or continue to use services like music and text translate, which we can provide locally without filtering. (source)

Google also has a live traffic graph. Here’s what it looks like for India :